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Black Sheep Golden Sheep Ale 50cl

Black Sheep Golden Sheep Ale 50cl

Golden Sheep is a fine pale ale brewed using time honoured methods and fermented in Yorkshire Square vessels, to combine full flavour with a dry and refreshing bitterness. 'Golden Sheep' sprang instantly to mind as it represents the pinnacle of Black Sheep's brewing achievements over the last decade.

Golden Sheep Ale pours a clear, amber colour with a bit of reddish hint, with an initially thick off-white beer head full of nicely tight froth, only dissipating very very slowly; mini-bubbles are detected just occasionally. A very pronounced aroma mixed of biscuity malts, rich tangerine-peel, resinous, and flowery hops with a soft perfumy note of fruit-esters. A refreshing texture of pale malts approaches the palate first, bringing with it lots of peachy fruits, slightly dryish as well as oily citrusy hop flavour, a small but lovely tinge of marmalade, a little raisins, as well as a toffee-ish hint at the back, just enough to support the hoppier introduction. The hoppyness gradually expands in the mouth and surrounds the palate with a tangerine-zesty, almost tangy mouthfeel, later on turning just a bit more bitter on the sides at the back of the tongue, with a tea-like dryish-bitter-sweet finish in the end. It tastes quite light and refreshing, though by no means thin-bodied. Another quality brew by Black Sheep, this very flavoursome beer is as thirst-quenching as it is tasty. Recommended.

Strength: 4.7% ABV

Only 2.95