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Corsendonk Pater 75cl

Corsendonk Pater  75cl

Corsendonk Pater is an abbey-style Belgian brune from the Corsendonk monastery. Nose is malty, as you might expect, woody and puddingy, with sour hints of lemon and brandy. On the palate it is still slightly sour, though smooth, with treacly, malt is very much in evidence along with an alcohol kick on the roof of the mouth. Corsendonk Pater is perhaps a little sweeter than other brunes, and is more cloying than, say, Leffe's equivalent. Aftertaste is quite sour, with lingering treacly malt notes. This is quite strong and sweet for a brune, but makes an interesting drink, probably best as an aperitif.

Strength: 7.5% ABV

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