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Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon 70cl

Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon 70cl

Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon is perhaps more significant than such an offering from another distiller because of the unique way the company makes its standard product, using ten different bourbon recipes (two mash bills, five yeasts). By its nature, selecting a single barrel means featuring just one of those recipes. As is characteristic of a Four Roses product, all of these sensations are well-balanced. The flavour is intense, especially at bottle proof but very enjoyable. The unique bottle has the Four Roses logo molded into the glass and is cork-finished. A hand-written label on the front identifies the serial number of the barrel and the warehouse from which it was taken. Although there is no age statement on the label, the company reports that the whiskey is at least seven years old. It is sweet like you expect bourbon to be, but with a bitter edge. Licorice or anise, a flavour that is barely detectable in most bourbon, when it is present at all, is prominent here. A lot of char, but no smoke, comes through in the nose as well. Besides licorice and char, the other prominent flavour is hazelnut. Also detected: unsweetened chocolate, sour yeast, clove and cherry. What is not present are typical bourbon flavours such as caramel, vanilla and grain

Strength: 43.0% ABV

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