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Filfar Liqueur 50cl

Filfar Liqueur 50cl

Filfar Orange Liqueur is the taste of cyprus in springtime bottled. One sip of filfar brings happy memories of heavily-laden orange trees with their fruit glistening in the warm sunshine and contrasting against the dark colour of the leaves. Filfar has been an increasingly popular drink since it first appeared on supermarket shelves more than twenty years ago and to the delight of many who discover it during a visit to Cyprus, it is now available in an increasing number of countries.
Cyprus oranges of two different varieties are used to make every bottle. Two or three different local wild herbs are used too, and these are mixed with the orange juice in a process called 'masseration'. This mixture is then matured for up to three months. The entire process for making Filfar is still done by hand - and all the oranges have to be carefully peeled! The production time for making the Filfar is about four months. During the months of production, the three permanent members of staff are joined by another seven or eight seasonal members of staff.

Strength: 34.0% ABV

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