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Durham Vodka 75cl

Durham Vodka 75cl

We only produce our Vodka in the same Copper Still we use for our Gin. It is triple distilled and slow filtered through a custom built filtration column. We bottle it and label it by hand, using traditional methods, and modern know-how to make a perfect partner for our award winning Gin. Neutral and clean nose, just a hint of sweetness. Very smooth palate, with no harsh alcohol burn, and just a tiny bit of natural vanilla sweetness. Long clean finish. Drink by itself over ice, or use as the base for a cocktail such as a Moscow Mule or a classic Cosmopolitan. The distillery, incidentally, is said to be the first and only to operate in County Durham since the reign of Henry VIII, giving new meaning to "Vel Primus Vel Cum Primis"

Strength: 40.0% ABV

Only 39.95

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