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Bruges Witbier 25cl

Bruges Witbier 25cl

Brugs Biere Blanche is a well-respected witbier from Bruges. It is very pale in colour, hazy with yeast, and produces a bubbly head that lasts reasonably well. The nose is lemony and very herby or grassy. There are also woody vanilla notes and a touch of coriander leaf. It is sharp and tart on the edge of the tongue, yet smooth and light in flavour, with coriander and citrusy orange/lemon flavours. There is also a tarragon-like herby taste (perhaps it would go well with chicken...). Brugs Witbier aftertaste is of oranges, lemons and coriander. Overall this Brugs is very clean, dry and refreshing, with lots of characteristic coriander and citrus flavours.

Strength: 4.8% ABV

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