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Duchesse De Bourgogne 33cl

Duchesse De Bourgogne 33cl

Duchesse de Bourgogne is brewery-conditioned and classed as a Red Sour Beer. It pours a deep reddish bronze colour, with lots of lace but little raised head and a fizzy but fine bead. The aroma is sharpish, with cherryish and slightly acidic tones reminiscent of fruity balsamic vinegar. The palate is sweet-sour, perhaps erring on the side of sweet, with some cherry hints and medicinal flavours of liquorice and menthol, plus a taste of oak. Duchesse de Bourgogne becomes very fruity on the swallow and develops into a tangy, drying hop finish, quite pronounced in contrast to the sweet palate but never bitter with lingering fruit with slight sourness. It's an intriguing stab at 'souping up' a basic sweet-sour West Flemish brown to a premium gravity: a great beer, one well worth trying.

Strength: 6.2% ABV

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