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Hazelburn Whisky 70cl 10yr

Hazelburn Whisky 70cl 10yr

Triple distilled Whisky from Springbank distillery. This is amazingly complex for a Whisky that has gone through triple distillation. It is very resinous and waxy. Thers a salty twang and hints of butterscotch and beeswax. Nose: Stewed pears and baked apples are followed by honeycomb and fudge notes. Hints of vanilla. Palate: Good mouth feel paired with bright notes of vanilla and Crunchie bars. More lively fruit notes underneath. A lovely and rich whisky with vanilla and honey flavours, licorice follows with a refreshing zestiness. Finish: A refined milk chocolate cream finish that is oily and Sweet. Overall: Early evening dramming, this one. Relaxed and flavoursome.

Strength: 46.0% ABV

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