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(Orkney) Scapa Skiren 70cl

(Orkney) Scapa Skiren 70cl

The distillary was re-furbished 1n 2004 after being mothballed since 1994, now under control of Pernod-Ricard, a major part of the production is used in the Teacher's and Ballantine's blends. A single malt, drawn from first-fill bourbon casks. The rich, gold-colored whisky yields a fruity scent that smacked of pineapple. One might expect something a bit more in the sea spray vein from an island-made whisky, but instead the nose is predominately tropical, with a trace of leathery wood. On the palate, the fruity nature evolves into pear nectar mixed with pineapple juice, seasoned with vanilla, sarsaparilla and a pinch of ginger, underlaid by traces of wood. The finish is moderate and only a touch spicy, but takes its time winding down. Skiren is a single malt with an altogether different character, one that is complex yet imminently approachable.

Strength: 40.0% ABV

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