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Floris Chocolate 33cl

Floris Chocolate 33cl

Floris Chocolate is one of a series of delicate fruit flavoured biers produced by the Huyghe brewery, more famous for their Delirium Tremens. The gardenbeer tag suggests that these beers are intended to be sipped on a sunny day in the garden - they are light and refreshing with fun flavours. Approached with an open mind this chocolate beer will reveal some sherry flavours that accompany the chocolate quite comfortably. There are mild summer fruit tones which highlight and emphasis the sunny garden atmosphere the beer evokes. Floris Chocolate comes across as very light and refreshing with an air of careless fun - an idyllic moment of indulgence on the lawn.

Strength: 3.0% ABV

Only 2.65

Please Note following item is no longer available to us, use this as reference only as it may return in the future