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Grappa is drink made in Italy traditionally from pomace, the discarded grape seeds, stalks, and stems that are a by-product of the winemaking process. Grappa dates back to around the Middle Ages and for generations, Italians have sipped this "firewater" after meals and even added a little to their morning espresso, to "correct" it. It was once considered only an acquired taste popular in Italy but today, Grappa is becoming more widely known around the world. Distilleries from Australia to Oregon, as well as Italy, are trying their hand at making Grappa, with surprisingly good results.

Grappa Amor Dua Bianca 70cl

Grappa Amor Dua Bianca

Grappa has been around since the Middle Ages...more 29.95 inc VAT

Grappa Bocchino Moscato 70cl

Grappa Bocchino Moscato

Grappa has become one of the most fashionable - and expensive - of all alcoholic distillates...more 39.95 inc VAT

Grappa di Collechiaro 70cl

Grappa di Collechiaro

Grappa di Collechiaro Distilled from fermented grapes...more 24.95 inc VAT

Grappa Finissima Bianco 70CL

Grappa Finissima Bianco

Finissima Bianco Grappa Bianca is a unique and exclusively Italian spirit, distilled from the pressi ...more 26.95 inc VAT

Grappa Fior di Vite 70cl

Grappa Fior di Vite

Ramazzotti Grappa Fior di Vite is the Italian specialty obtained through the accurate steam-distilla ...more 27.95 inc VAT

Grappa Julia 70cl

Grappa Julia

Grappa Julia, Italys' favourite Grappa has a robust and fiery taste makes it a superb drink by itsel ...more 29.95 inc VAT

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Spirits » Grappa