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Whisky liqueurs are for those with a sweet tooth. They have fine malt whiskies at their heart and are flavoured by herbs, spices, and botanicals. Here at Drinkswell we have an extensive range of whiskey liqueurs including Stag's Breath, Old Pultney, Lochanora, Glayva, Glenfiddich, Cock of the North, Artoll Bross, Arran Gold, Wallace, Hebridean, Bruadar and The Loch Fine.

Arran Gold Cream Liqueur 70cl

Arran Gold Cream Liqueur

Arran Gold Malt Whisky Cream Liqueur is made from Single Island Malt Whisky from the Isle of Arran...more 21.95 inc VAT

Athol Brose Whisky Liqueur 50cl

Athol Brose Whisky Liqueur

Athol Brose Whisky Liqueur is made to an Ancient secret recipe of certain herbs, and finest 12yr old ...more 24.95 inc VAT

Bruadar Whisky Liqueur 70cl

Bruadar Whisky Liqueur

Bruadar Malt Whisky Liqueur is stated as the original Scottish Highland Liqueur! Bruadar from an Old ...more 24.95 inc VAT

Columba Cream Liqueur 70cl

Columba Cream Liqueur

Columba Cream is a skilful blend of Scotch single malt whisky, cream and honey, it creates an except ...more 22.95 inc VAT

Danzy Jones Wysgi Licor 70cl

Danzy Jones Wysgi Licor

Danzy Jones Wysgi Licor Awarded a Seal by the International Spirits Challenge in 2005 and winner of ...more 24.95 inc VAT

Edradour Cream Whisky Liqueur 70cl

Edradour Cream Whisky Liqueur

Edradour Cream Liqueur has been specially blended using the finest Scottish cream and Edradour Singl ...more 19.95 inc VAT

Ginger Tams 35cl

Ginger Tams

Ginger Tams is from the Scottish Liqueur Centre, where liqueurs are made by hand to their own-recipe ...more 22.95 inc VAT

Glayva Whisky Liqueur 70cl

Glayva Whisky Liqueur

Glayva Whisky Liqueur is Gaelic for 'very good'...more 34.95 inc VAT

Hebridean Whisky Liqueur 50cl

Hebridean Whisky Liqueur

Hebridean Whisky Liqueur is a delicious combination of caramel flavours, spices and Scotch whisky...more 19.95 inc VAT

Irish Mist Whisky Liqueur 70cl

Irish Mist Whisky Liqueur

Irish Mist Liqueur pours a reddish amber colour, With sweet vanilla frosting, orange, chocolate cake ...more 34.95 inc VAT

Lochan ora Whisky Liqueur 70cl

Lochan ora Whisky Liqueur

Lochanora Whisky Liqueur uses Tupelo honey, nowhere does it grow more abundantly than in the Apalach ...more 34.95 inc VAT

Original Lakeland Liqueur 20cl

Original Lakeland Liqueur

Original Lakeland Liqueur is a luxurious blend of creamy butterscotch and whisky...more 11.95 inc VAT

Stags Breath Whisky Liqueur 70cl

Stags Breath Whisky Liqueur

Stags Breath Whisky Liqueur is a light Honey liqueur made from fine whisky and fermented honeycomb...more 19.95 inc VAT

Stroma Liqueur 50cl

Stroma Liqueur

Old Pulteney Stroma Whisky Liqueur produced in the northern part of Scotland this comes with a long ...more 27.95 inc VAT

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