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Within this section you will find a number of different types of lager kits including the Young's Harvest, Geordie and Tom Caxton, Edme and Muntons range. We also have access to a number of other different ranges including John Bull, Telfords, Coopers and Brewmart. If you cannot find the one you want, please email us and we will try to find what you are looking for.

Brewmaker Pilsner Lager 1.8kg

Brewmaker Pilsner Lager

More of the fermentable sugars turn to alcohol making this brew a fairly dry, European style Pilsner ...more 17.95 inc VAT

Caxton Lager

Caxton Lager

Tom Caxton & Real Ale Contains a full 1...more 17.95 inc VAT

Coopers Australian Lager 1.7kg

Coopers Australian Lager

Straw colour with golden hues and a lacy white head...more 16.95 inc VAT

Coopers Mexican Cerveza 1.7

Coopers Mexican Cerveza

Coopers Mexican Cerveza emulates the style of the finest quality beers exported from Mexico...more 16.95 inc VAT

Geordie Lager

Geordie Lager

Standard 1...more 13.95 inc VAT

John Bull Pilsner 1.8kg

John Bull Pilsner

John Bull 40 pint 1...more 14.95 inc VAT

Muntons Export Pilsner 1.8kg

Muntons Export Pilsner

The Muntons Connoisseurs Range has been formulated to brew strong beers emulating beer styles from a ...more 18.95 inc VAT

Youngs Harvest Lager

Youngs Harvest Lager

Harvest Range 1...more 12.95 inc VAT

Youngs Brewbuddy Lager

Brewbuddy Lager

40 pints of sparkling Pub Style Lager, simply add sugar and water...more 16.95 inc VAT

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