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Pineau Des Charentes Rose 70cl

Pineau Des Charentes Rose 70cl

Reynac Pineau Des Charentes uses Cognac which is blended with new grape juice within hours of the grapes being pressed. Grapes must be very ripe in order to obtain grape juice that is rich in natural sugars. Pineau Des Charentes is the result of stopping the fermentation of the grape juice by adding Cognac which must be at least one year old. must contain between 16.5% to 22% alcohol. Production is strictly controlled to assure high quality through proper blending and ageing. This spirit was discovered purely by mistake made by a wine producer who put grape juice into a barrel containing cognac, left it for some time and then tasted the result. He liked it so much he started to make it.

Strength: 17.0% ABV

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