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McChouffe 33cl

McChouffe 33cl

McChouffe pours a rich mahogany brown colour with an immense two-finger light tan head that form crevices and peaks. The head stays for the entirety and clings in a thick dense wall all over the glass. The aromas are spices, fruits, and even a little sweetness. The flavour is has a distinct spiciness that cuts across the pallet in crisp, slightly bitter fashion. Slight caramel hints present themselves throughout, and a peppery, alcohol feeling is left in the back of the throat. McChouffe has perfect carbonation and medium body that has a coating effect on the tongue that I found surprising in Belgian brewed ale. Great ale, with great drinkability Those crazy gnomes (choufffes) and their brewing. Apparently a Scottish chouffe and his Belgian friend teamed up to concoct such a beer, a "Scottish Ale / Abbey Ale". What will they think of next?

Strength: 8.0% ABV

Only 3.75

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