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Baytown 'Press Gangs Arrival' Pale Ale 50cl

Baytown 'Press Gangs Arrival' Pale Ale 50cl

The Press Gang was a constant threat throughout the 18th century. Baytown's residents used subterfuge and brawn to thwart the Navy's recruitment process. Celebrate triumph over adversity. Be resilient!
It is a pale light colour with a small beer head, slightly hazy on poring. The smell shows a mixed and harmonious aroma with flowery scent, citrus fruits, pineapple edge of yeastiness, and some fruit esters--light and refreshing. The taste is very refreshing, especially when it is served cold, however when it is above room temperature it can be bitter. On the palate it's just as mild--the lightly citrus-fruitiness gradually expands on the tongue on top of very soft pale malts, leaving a slightly citrus finish and a very restrained hoppy bitterness in the aftertaste. The mouthfeel is very good--very clean palate with nice kick from micro-scopic fizz. Light-bodied, medium-flavoured, a very proper session pale ale.

Strength: 3.8% ABV

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