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Baytown 'Smugglers Haul' Strong Bitter 50cl

Baytown 'Smugglers Haul' Strong Bitter 50cl

Baytown Strong Bitter pours clear copper brown, thin white head leaving lacing. Dark sugar and toffee aromas, light nuttiness. It has a strong sweet-sour fruit character with turned prunes, pears, earth, and a hint of toasted sweet brown bread. The taste is very complex with a lot going on. It has a rich sweet-sour fruit character with prunes and baked apples, licorice, dry topastiness and leafiness in the finish, hints of wine, nuts, and slightly caramelly. It's mostly sweet-sour, a little tart, balanced with a little bitterness, and yet also dry. The character is rich, strongly flavoured yet still restrained, very lively and complex, zesty, with a lot of different elements blending well and making it hard really to pick out specific elements. Nothing I can say quite describes it. it becomes better with every sip. Quite a dry finish with a burnt toast after-taste.

Strength: 6.0% ABV

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