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Sing Gin 70cl

Sing Gin 70cl

Distilled in small batches, our blend of seven beautiful botanicals harmonise to create a rare and tantalising freshness with distinct floral undertones. On The Nose, We have pronounced juniper followed by slight sweet and citrus notes with a hint of spice, and floral after-tones. On The Palate, We have a big flavoured gin with lots of juniper balanced with slight sweet notes and a long finish, leaving a subtly pleasurable tingle on the edges of the tongue. Crushed By Hand The seven top quality botanicals in our gin include juniper, mint, orange peel and flax. Flax was chosen for its provenance and historical significance as an old Yorkshire crop. We crush the botanicals by hand at home in Kettlesing. Many other gins use whole botanicals. But by extracting the oils in this way, we achieve a signature strength of flavour and aroma.

Strength: 40.0% ABV

Only 44.95

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