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Ben Nevis 17yr Claxton Single Malt 70cl

Ben Nevis 17yr Claxton Single Malt 70cl

Located in incredibly beautiful surroundings, the Ben Nevis Highland distillery in Fort William has had a somewhat torrid history of closures and re-openings since its beginning in 1825. The distillery has now been re-opened for over 25 years, and still stays very loyal to its traditional rich, ripe, chewy style of malt whisky.
The wood has done its job wonderfully well with this cask of whisky; a punchy, chewy dram that makes no apologies. The perfect balance between spirit, oak and age creates a complex, very enjoyable and excellent value whisky.
NOSE: Plenty of old oak, salted caramel and molasses. Followed by fresh tea and vanilla extract.
PALATE: Even more mouth tingling oak and resin. Rich fruits, raisins and mixed peel. Chewy and full bodied.
FINISH: Lingering and spicy. Citrus peel coming through much stronger, with a touch of heather.
REGION: Highlands
DISTILLED: 14/12/1998
CASK TYPE: Hogshead
CASK NO: 1608-1552

Strength: 54.0% ABV

Only 89.95

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