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Baytown Bitter 50cl

Baytown Bitter 50cl

Pours with a snow white head, a clear orange blond colour. Aroma of caramelly malts, toasted bread, walnuts, ripe pear, red berries, orange peel. Restrained fruitiness in onset, vague impression of peach and apple peel, smooth but rather thin mouthfeel, toasted biscuit-like maltiness, light oily and leafy hop bitterishness in the finish. Baytown is the locals' traditional name for Robin Hood's Bay - the place and the people and its smuggling heritage are celebrated in these beers. Hidden next to the North Sea, on the edge of the North York Moors, Robin Hood's Bay has almost 1000 years of rich heritage. Its people are famous through the centuries for their resilience, independence and resourcefulness.

Strength: 4.0% ABV

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