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Asbach Spezialbrand 70cl

Asbach Spezialbrand 70cl

Asbach Spezialbrand is made from carefully selected distillates from the choicest wine-growing areas and a storage period of at least 15 years in casks of Limousin oak are necessary to make Asbach Spezialbrand. It fascinates due to the way it perfectly balances elegance and exquisite harmony with the full-bodied aroma and characteristic strength of particularly old distillates.
Colour dark gold with hints of red.Aroma A predominant aroma of jasmine mingled with citrus and vanilla notes and a hint of floral green apple. Palette elegant fresh tasting,vinous and soft,well rounded with a light sweetness and an almost imperceptable hint of bitterness

Strength: 40.0% ABV

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