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Eden Mill Sea Buckhorn Gin 70cl

Eden Mill Sea Buckhorn Gin 70cl

Sea Buckhorn is unusual and not often found in gins, but its unique taste is one to seek out. Delicious acerbic berry like qualities are abundant in this Original Sea Buckthorn Gin. For those who love the tang of slightly under-ripe blackberries, you will love this Gin. The signature botanical is a perfect balance to the juniper and coriander seed. It adds freshness to the overall ensemble as well as a fruity berry note on the nose. This gin is a perfect example of taking unusual botanicals, sourced locally and matching them with more typical flavours to create a gin packed with vibrant flavours and character. It's a real discovery and one we strongly recommend you try for yourself, particularly in a G&T where the caustic nature of the gin cuts through the bitter edge of quinine impeccably

Strength: 42.0% ABV

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