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Baytown 'Squires Connivance' Porter 50cl

Baytown 'Squires Connivance' Porter 50cl

Even in the 18th century, local gentry tried to avoid central government control. They worked hand in glove with Baytown's residents. Celebrate the local free spirit. Be independent!
This very dark brown beer pours clear very dark reddish brown, good creamy beige head. A chocolate malty aroma, good film of lacing, rich creamy chocolate, vanilla flavour, good carbonation, easy to drink. It has an extremely strong milk chocolate flavour with vanilla notes and a creamy red fruity finish. More a milk/chocolate stout rather than a porter. chocolate forward without having an acrid or bitter lingering finish. Well done. If you like a chocolate beer this is a good one. Reminds me of a sweet or milk stout as it has a nice slightly sweet finish with just a bit of carbonation zing. A black beer with a creamy white head and ruby red highlights. It has a creamy rich tasting beer with strong milk chocolate notes and a sweet, oily, slight roasted finish

Strength: 5.0% ABV

Only 2.95

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