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Morocco Casablanca Beer 33cl

Morocco Casablanca Beer 33cl

This Moroccon beer pours into the glass with ample carbonation, leaving a pristine white head atop a maple gold liquid body. Strings of lace were left on the glass, which slowly crept down to meet with the beer. It has a fruity, citrus hoppy aroma, with a bit of malt on the front of the nose. Lovely taste somewhat complex. With flavours of sweet malt, citrus hop and bitter hop up front, you can also pick out other flavours amongst the hoppiness limes, oranges, almonds, pecans and something uniquely else, some sort of African grass? It was grainy/grassy, and bitter. Whatever it was, I like it. With a crisp, biting mouthfeel that leaves the tongue and cheeks refreshed. The finish a creamy with a bitter hoppy aftertaste. Very smooth and tasty. One of the best pale lagers I've had. Highly drinkable.

Strength: 5.0% ABV

Only 2.45

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