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Pussers 15 year old Rum 70cl

Pussers 15 year old Rum 70cl

Pussers 15 year old Rum, In 1979, Charles Tobias - entrepreneur, global sailor, raconteur - sought to resurrect the Pusser's Rum tradition. He obtained the rights and all the blending information from the Admiralty, and formed Pusser's Ltd. on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and began bottling and selling this storied spirit in 1980 to the public for the first time. (Prior to then, it was restricted to the Royal Navy). British Navy Pusser's Rum is the same Admiralty blend of five West Indian rums as issued on board British warships, and it is with the Admiralty' blessing and approval that Pusser's is now available to the consumer. The Royal Navy Sailor' Fund, a naval charity more commonly called the "Tot Fund” receives a substantial donation from the sale of each bottle of British Navy Pusser's Rum. Aside from the fund's original bequest, the Pusser's contribution has become the fund's largest source of income. This superb rum has not only been aged in wood for 15 years, but has also been distilled in wood. It is the world's only spirit distilled in wood using the old, inefficient, hand crafted way. This process imparts a truly unique 'rich and full' flavour. Pusser's 15 year old Navy Rum is identical to the rum that was issued in the Royal Navy. It is made with a completely natural flavour, no added additives and should be treated like the finest Cognac or brandies.

Strength: 40.0% ABV

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