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Jules Gautret XO Cognac 70cl

Jules Gautret XO Cognac 70cl

Jules Gautret XO Cognac has on the front label the swan with the Jules Gautret signature, the brand, the foundation date and the Controlled Appellation. The back-label gives precisions on the type of vine (Ugni blanc) used in its making, its tasting qualities, how it was produced and the different ways to enjoy it. The stopper is made of a wood topped cork, and the neck label is in perfect keeping with the rest of the labelling. Nothing has been left to chance : the "hot gold" logo, the "Prussian blue" of the brand name, the "grey-blue" of the estate - all recall tradition. The use of appropriate typography reinforces this perception.
Jules Gautret XO Cognac is a harmonious, round, well-balanced eau de vie Cognac of natural distinction aged at length in Limousin oak casks. One enjoys it preferably at the end of a good meal, to extend an unforgetable moment. It is the result of the Maison Jules Gautret's generation after generation experience, since its creation in 1847.
Colour : amber with golden glints. Aroma : dried fruit, flowers and woody scents.
A harmonious, round , well-balanced cognac of natural distinction, blooming with delicacy, power ,which rolls under the tongue.

Strength: 40.0% ABV

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