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Thailand Chang Lager 33cl

Thailand Chang Lager 33cl

Thailands Chang Beer means 'Elephant', hence the pictures on the label, but this beer shouldn't be confused with the much stronger and darker Carlsberg Elephant Beer. Chang Lager pours with a bubbly head that shrinks rapidly. Nose is of grassy hops, with a touch of light malt, along with a light lemony note. Chang is crisp and fresh on the palate, with a faint malt backdrop, and a cadaverous hop character in the mouth. A light caramel note is present in the finish, which leaves a dry lingering aftertaste. Chang is not actually not too bad - well-hopped and refreshing, with enough balance in the finish to make up for the lightness of the body.

Strength: 5.0% ABV

Only 1.65

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