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Pisco Soldeica 70cl

Pisco Soldeica 70cl

Soldeica Pisco is the result of the distilling of the marvellous local Quebranta grape juices just as they have finished fermenting. Time, careful attention, and the traditional, natural processes give us the typical Peruvian Pisco. Soldeica Pisco is recognised for its great quality, body and taste throughout all Peru and is highly appreciated at international level. Excellent to savour it pure in shot glasses, in the Peruvian drink par excellence Pisco sour, with fruit juice or with sodas.
Pisco is a city and an important port on the Peruvian coast located near the famous Nazca Lines. The surrounding valleys, contain extremely fertile soils which have lent themselves to the cultivation of the grape. Pisco has given its name to Peru's national drink, one of the highest quality liqueurs and symbol of the Peruvian tradition

Strength: 40.0% ABV

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