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Bols Genever Gin 70cl

Bols Genever Gin 70cl

Bols Genever Gin is based on Lucas Bols' original 1820 recipe and has opened the doors for a new cocktail experience as well as giving us a taste of the past. Rich grains fill the distinct nose with sweet cherry and malt tones. Bols' Gin palate is rich and smooth with malt and juniper vying for domination, although both are just below the silky surface. The finish has tangy grass notes and is quite poignant as it leaves a sweetness behind. Bols Genever shines in cocktails it has a lush profile that is sweet, but not too sweet, and when that aspect is paired with gin's required juniper the result is fascinating. It is with a genever like Bols that we should rediscover this spirit and the classic cocktails in which it originally appeared.

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Strength: 42.0% ABV

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