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Cayo Grande Club - Ron Miel (Honey Rum) 70cl

Cayo Grande Club - Ron Miel (Honey Rum)  70cl

Ronmiel de Canarias means Honey Rum from the Canaries, this particular Spanish alcohol is one of the Islands' signature products for both production and consumption. All those who try the drink when they visit Tenerife and the other Spanish islands that form the Canaries, instantly fall in love with its smooth flavour and full bodied texture. Honey rum should have an alcohol content of between 20 and 30%, as specified by the local government. The colour of the drink should be from a golden hue to a deep mahogany, and be clear and bright. You should detect aromas of caramel, honey and some traces of rum and vegetable extracts. With regards to the taste, it is said to be intense and sweet, yet soft on the palate. Honey rum is an ideal drink for anytime of year and is especially nice when drank by itself so that you can appreciate it fully.

Strength: 20.0% ABV

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