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Baytown 'Revenues Revenge' Lager 50cl

Baytown 'Revenues Revenge' Lager 50cl

Squeezing taxes out of people has been a government pastime since the 18th century. Collecting for the Revenue in Baytown was a tough ask, with occasional success. Celebrate authority. If you choose to. Be persistent!
Pours brilliant yellow gold with a pillow of white head, plenty of bubbles rising through the body making the head a lot deeper and denser than your regular European lagers. The aroma was a blend of mild citrus notes and light maltiness with the taste following on along those lines. Just the right balance of fizz and malt slickness. Way too much citrus for a lager but I'm not complaining. Some drying hops appear towards the end of each sip giving the beer a fine, refreshing feel. Good body depth for a lager based brew: makes a change for the head to stay until the end of a lager too

Strength: 4.2% ABV

Only 2.95

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