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Pisa Nut Liqueur 70cl

Pisa Nut Liqueur 70cl

Pisa is a nut liqueur with a 'distinctive leaning bottle' is made from almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts and makes for a serious alternative to liqueurs such as amaretto; which works fantastically well in cocktails, over ice or in coffee. A very rich, Italian almond liqueur that tastes like liquid, alcoholic marzipan. The design of the bottle compliments its name sake with an appearance like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Why not try a: Pisapolitan 25ml Pisa Liqueur, 5ml Grey Goose Citrus Vodka. 5ml Noilly Prat Red, 50ml Orange Juice, Pour all ingredients over ice in a long glass. Stir well and garnish with an orange slice.
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Strength: 24.0% ABV

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