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France Trois Monts bière de garde 75cl

France Trois Monts bière de garde 75cl

Trois Monts bière de garde is from a farmhouse brewery in northern France brewed with ale yeast, it is filtered, though not pasteurised for the bottle - which, incidentally, is corked and requires drawing with a corkscrew. The beer is pale yellow in colour with a creamy, long-lived head. The aroma consists of light, fresh, grassy hops along with subtler spice and phenols, none of which suggest a strong beer. On the palate, however, the strength is more obvious with a slightly cloying mouthfeel and a spirit-like alcohol warmth on the back of the throat. There are also some spice notes present - vanilla and nutmeg, perhaps - along with grassy, slightly bitter hop character. Light fruit are present in the form of melons and some citrus notes. Aftertaste is a bittersweet mixture of the young hop with the sugar adjunct, and is fairly long lasting. A very special beer, which might be ideal for the last weeks of winter.

Strength: 8.5% ABV

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