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China Tsingtao Lager 33cl

China Tsingtao Lager 33cl

Tsingtao Lager is the flagship beer of the Tsingtao Brewery, of which massive Anheuser-Busch own a small proportion. It's also brewed with rice, which puts it in the same category as A-B's more universally available brands. Tsingtao has little aroma - there's a note of citrus, and possibly spice. The head is fine, bubbly and reasonably lasting. In the mouth there are citrus notes again, but this time accompanied by grassy hops. There is also a herby note that can only be described as dill-like. A malty quality could be likened to sugared onions, although that sounds worse than it actually tastes. Aftertaste is honey-ish, with light grassy hops. Overall there is clearly some complexity there and it's streets ahead of the other rice-brewed lagers.

Strength: 4.5% ABV

Only 1.55

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