Drinkswell, a specialist drinkshop opened in June 2004, is located in the heart of Ripon opposite the market cross. You'll love the 16 th century Tudor building which retains much of its original character with stone flags and oak beams. Inside the shop you'll find a vast array of specialist beers, fine wines and spirits from all over the world.

The range on offer is too extensive to list here as there are over 2000 products to choose from and if you are looking for something special then here at Drinkswell we pride ourselves being able to offer products that are not easily available elsewhere.


De Bortoli Old Boys Tawny 50cl

De Bortoli Old Boys Tawny

Some years ago De Bortoli acquired unique parcels of very old fortified wines from Rutherglen in Vic ...more £29.95 inc VAT

Alnwick Vatted Rum 70cl

Alnwick Vatted Rum

Alnwick Vatted Rum is a distinguished dark rum, which has been enjoyed around the world for generati ...more £34.95 inc VAT

Red Leg Spiced 70cl

Red Leg Spiced

RedLeg is a superb spiced rum made with Caribbean spirit which was aged in old oak whilst being infu ...more £24.95 inc VAT

Deaths Door Gin 70cl

Deaths Door Gin

Death's Door Gin has a surprisingly simple botanical mix of organic juniper berries, coriander and f ...more £59.95 inc VAT

Ponche Caballero liqueur 70cl

Ponche Caballero liqueur

Caballero the spirit of Spain is produced today the same way it has been done for nearly a century...more £16.95 inc VAT

Polstar Black Vodka 70cl

Polstar Black Vodka

Polstar Red Vodka uses only the purest ingredients to make this pure Vodka and using the purest wate ...more £19.95 inc VAT

Mekhong 70cl


Mekhong The Spirit of Thailand Made from 95% sugar cane and 5% rice, Mekhong is closer to a rum tha ...more £21.95 inc VAT

Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin 70cl

Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin

Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin came about shortly after the Gin Act of 1736, a family of independent Lo ...more £44.95 inc VAT

Charodei Vodka 75cl

Charodei Vodka

Charodei Vodka is a clear vodka from Belarus No charcoal filtering gimmicks here, just good Old Ru ...more £29.95 inc VAT

Thunder Toffee Vodka Liqueur 70cl

Thunder Toffee Vodka Liqueur

Thunder Toffee Vodka is about stylish simplicity of taste...more £24.95 inc VAT

Ampleforth Abbey Beer 33cl

Ampleforth Abbey Beer

Derived from a 17th century recipe an this is a Abbey beer, in the Belgian Trappist style, The beer ...more £3.45 inc VAT

Durham White Stout 50cl

White Stout

Durham Brewery White Stout...more £3.95 inc VAT

Berentzen Apfelkorn Schnapps 70cl

Berentzen Apfelkorn Schnapps

Berentzen Apfelkorn Schnapps is produced from 100% wheat spirit and blended with the finest apples, ...more £15.95 inc VAT

Black Sheep All Creatures 50cl

All Creatures

Brewed in celebration of famous veterinary character James Herriot, this is a light, bright Yorkshir ...more £2.65 inc VAT

Sheridans 50cl


Sheridan's liqueur is a wholly-natural product made with the highest quality ingredients and the mos ...more £19.95 inc VAT

Black Sheep Imperial Russian Stout 33cl

Imperial Russian Stout

From Yorkshire to Russia with Love...more £3.45 inc VAT

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio 75cl

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio is a dry wine with crisp citrus flavours of fruity peach and pear, apple an ...more £7.95 inc VAT

QC Rich Ruby 70cl

QC Rich Ruby

The smooth mellow taste of QC is produced using a skilful process of fermentation ageing and blendin ...more £5.95 inc VAT

Masons Yorkshire Gin 70cl

Masons Yorkshire Gin

Distilled using the traditional London Dry Gin method in a traditional small copper alembic still, M ...more £39.95 inc VAT

Reyka Vodka 70cl

Reyka Vodka

A few spirits have employed the pure Icelandic waters in their production, however Reyka is the firs ...more £34.95 inc VAT

Williams & Humbert Canasta Cream Sherry 75cl

Canasta Cream Sherry

Established over 125 years ago, this is currently one of the most prestigious sherry companies in th ...more £14.95 inc VAT

Poire William 70cl

Poire William

Poire William is the most well-known type of eaux-de-vie its a clear pear brandy liqueur produced by ...more £24.95 inc VAT

Daleside Ripon Jewel Ale 50cl

Ripon Jewel Ale

Daleside Ripon Jewel Ale from Daleside Brewery who have since the mid 1980's quietly producing a sma ...more £2.75 inc VAT

Patron Silver Tequila 70cl

Patron Silver Tequila

Patron Silver Tequila is called young or "joven" tequila...more £69.95 inc VAT

Mexico Negra Modelo Beer 33cl

Negra Modelo Beer

Negra Modelo Beer is described by the brewery as 'la crema de la cerveza', this is a dark lager from ...more £2.45 inc VAT

Bruadar Whisky Liqueur 70cl

Bruadar Whisky Liqueur

Bruadar Malt Whisky Liqueur is stated as the original Scottish Highland Liqueur! Bruadar from an Old ...more £24.95 inc VAT

Pinky Vodka Rose 70cl

Pinky Vodka Rose

Pinky Vodka is redolent of flowers and fruit...more £39.95 inc VAT

Mamont Vodka 70cl

Mamont Vodka

Mamont Siberian Vodka is elegant, timeless and full of character...more £39.95 inc VAT

Devils Corner Pinot Noir 75cl

Devils Corner Pinot Noir

Devils Corner Pinot Noir from Tamar Ridge have earmarked some of their best Kayena Vineyard parcels ...more £14.95 inc VAT

Kings Ginger Liqueur 50cl

Kings Ginger Liqueur

Kings Ginger Liqueur became famous in the reign of King Edward VII when, at the request of the King' ...more £26.95 inc VAT

Chocolate Shop Wine 75cl

Chocolate Shop Wine

What is being termed "the ultimate treat for chocolate lovers” - a new Chocolate Wine -...more £9.95 inc VAT

Running with Bulls Tempranillo 75cl

Running with Bulls Tempranillo

Running with Bulls Tempranillo pours a deep garnet colour, with a complex nose full of truffles, bla ...more £14.95 inc VAT

Kirsch de Cuisine 50cl

Kirsch de Cuisine

Traditionally made from cherries and cherry stones, Cowen's kirsch de Cuisine has been made to a spe ...more £19.95 inc VAT

Brugse Straffe Hendrik 33cl

Brugse Straffe Hendrik

Straffe Hendrik an authentic Belgian Triple beer, back to been brewed to the original recipe at the ...more £3.95 inc VAT

Westminster Rich Ruby Wine 70cl

Westminster Rich Ruby Wine

Westminster Rich Ruby a British Fortified Wine is a warming after dinner drink as a dessert wine...more £4.95 inc VAT

Moniack Mead 75cl

Moniack Mead

Moniack Mead is made from honey and is a delicious well-balanced drink It is probably the oldest alc ...more £9.95 inc VAT